Ana Pi

An indomitable vitality (about the vibration of margins)

Daniel Blanga-Gubbay, Ana Pi

A meeting thought by Daniel Blanga-Gubbay (founder of Aleppo – in dialogue with Lou Colombani and lead by Daniel Blanga-Gubbay. 


We often associate the margin to a periphery, a place in which the central movement would come weakened, like transported by the last waves of a stone thrown in the water. What if, on the contrary, margins produced their own vibration ? From Pasolini to the outcome of new urban dances via internet, this afternoon questions the notion of “margin” through different formats, with artists of the programmation, invited theo- rists, pedagogical supervisors of the master exerce ICI — CCN Montpellier, video projections and a performance by Ana Pi.


Périphérie & Périphériques-live performance intervention by Ana Pi from Brazil. 


In corealisation with Mucem
In collaboration with Aleppo, Bruxelles -
In complicity with L'Officina/Festival Dansem dans la continuité de la rencontre "Déplacement" (cycle Objets Déplacés, 27 nov. 2015)

Le Tour du monde des danses urbaines en dix viles

Ana Pi

Texts, research: Ana Pi, Cecilia Bengolea, François Chaignaud
Editing and interpretation: Ana Pi
Design: Ana Pi, Cecilia Bengolea, François Chaignaud
On a proposal from: Annie Bozzini
Booklet illustrations: Juan Saenz Valiente
In partnership with the gmem-CNCM-marseille and the Friche la Belle de Mai
Le Tour du monde des danses urbaines en dix villes is co-hosted with the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival as part of the More Than This project, supported by the Creative Europe program and supported by Parallèle.
Let’s go on a world tour of urban dances! A journey from Asia to the USA, Latin America, Europe and Africa, where it all began.
This danced conference is a both dramatic and informative “live” form around urban dances throughout the world. With video projections, Ana Pi refers to (without aiming for comprehensiveness) the huge variety of dances in the streets of the big cities in the world: Krump in Los Angeles, Dancehall in Kingston, Pantsula in Johannesburg, Voguing in New York… For each of them, the artist recounts the sociological and political context which saw it emerge and their connection to music. Because music is always the inspiration for these forms of dancing and meeting.