Antoine Boute

Born in Brussels in 1978, he lives in Tervuren (Belgium), almost in the forest.

Writer, sound poet, essayist, event organizer, he explores the impacts between body, language and voice according to various supports and means (paper, internet, stage) and enjoys collaborating with other authors and artists (Ariane Bart, Lucille Calmel, Mylène Lauzon, Charles Pennequin, Bertrand Laverdure, Sebastien Biset, Sebastien Rien, Jean DL, Mauro Pawlowski, Agnès Palier...).

He is involved in the Armée noire from its origin in 2007. His artistry is based on language, its boundaries and alternative uses.
His work is an absurd, disquieting and entertaining game whose rules keep changing and where anyone who wants to take part is welcome. He also teaches religion and Dutch at Lindthout Sacré Cœur school centre.

© Antoine Boute

Lecture performance

Maud Vanhauwaert, Antoine Boute

For the Rencontres //03 festival Maud will make two performances.
One performance will consist of some of her own Dutch poetry intertwined with some French texts especially written for the festival.
In the other performance Maud will work together with Antoine Boute, a French-speaking Belgian who is a master in juggling with the building blocks of language, namely: sounds.

© Willy Wtterwulghe