L'Employeur derives from an earlier company (Le Sextuor) made up of former students from l'ERAC (Cannes Regional School of Acting).

The three actors still creat pieces from the contemporary repertoire whilst exploring various ways of staging.

Alexandre Le Nours directed Sextuor Banquet (Armando Llamas), Stéphane Gasc Atteintes à sa vie (Martin Crimp) then Aux prises with la vie courante (Eugène Savitzkaya) presented as part of actOral.6 festival in Marseille in a piece resulting from the combination of visions: that of the actors, a production manager and a set designer/videomaker.

The artistic world of L’Employeur originates from the confrontation of several theatrical wishes to finally build their own identity.

An intimate type of acting, sometimes akin to cinema, a set made up of all sorts of second-hand things and video installations, direct address to the public, toying with the idea of acting-non acting, actor-character, a kind of theatre both visual and easily performed, where the formal aspect could coincide with the mere reality of "being here", which does not overlook emotion or humour, with the persistent will to give the illusion of simplicity… This could be our approach.

© Stéphane Gasc

21/06/2006 - 20/07/2006. Une perfromance d'après Le temps nous manquera


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A perfromance based on Le temps nous manquera

Directed by: L’Employeur
With: Edith Mérieau, Alexandre Le Nours, Stéphane Gasc, Julie Nancy-Ayache, Pascale Bongiovanni and James Bouquard
From the text by Stéphane Gasc "le temps nous manquera".
L’Employeur is part of  KOMM'N'ACT mutualized Platform project.
Production: L’Employeur

A man walks out on his wife and commits suicide one month later, that's the story.
Yet, we won't see him or hear him.
The wife tells how they broke up. The friend tells how he died.
They're here, together, but in their own separate time. Only mourning unites them.
It's not really relevant to know why he leaves her or why he commits suicide. Only the consequences matter here, pain, anger, that kind of things and the joys we still have to feel.

Le temps nous manquera will take place in October as part of actOral arts festival and contemporary writing.
21/06/2006-20/07/2006 is a perfromance at the periphery of the show that will be born.

© Stéphane Gasc

Regards Croisés

Yaïr Barelli, RSJ Works / Human Works, Rana Hamadeh, Maud Vanhauwaert, Marjolijn Van Heemstra, Le bruit des nuages, L'Employeur, Institut des Recherches Menant à Rien - IRMAR, Alexander Schellow

The same video material is sent to each invited artist one month and a half prior to the festival.
Each can use it anyway they want to come up with a spontaneous artistic act in return: extension, disruption, diversion… of the movie clip.
The open artistic act can be a text, a video, a photograph, a collective or individual proposal on stage, etc.
Each artist or artistic team will show their act during the closing night of this third edition, on Saturday, May 28, 2011.

© Tabas