Farah Saleh

What My Body Can/t Remember

Concept and choreography: Farah Saleh
Video: Owa Barua
Played by: Farah Saleh & Owa Barua
Dramaturgical support: Claricia Parinussa and Mark Bleakley
Costumes: Zephyr Liddell
What My Body Can / t Remember is co-hosted with the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival as part of the More Than This project by the Creative Europe program and supported by Parallèle.
There is no date in the future for this show.
30 Jan 2020 — 22H15
Coco Velten

The latest story in Palestinian dancer and choreographer Farah Saleh’s ongoing project, the Archive of Gestures. Saleh explores what her body can and can’t re- member of her life in Ramallah in 2002 when, living under curfew, she returned to dancing after years of interruption. Working with video artist Owa Barua, Saleh recalls the daily gestures of her life in a period when her domestic space was her only site of physical freedom.



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