European project — MORE THAN THIS

Published on 24 July 2018

Very good news, the european project MORE THAN THIS, submitted in January 2018 has been selected by the European Union (Europe Créative Coopération Petite Échelle) !

MORE THAN THIS is a cooperation project among 6 festivals and cultural organisations from 5 EU countries (France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Estonia) with the collaboration of 5 associated partners from Palestine, Belgium, Spain and France.

In these troubled times of retreat behind borders and of confinement of the others to simplified identities, we think hospitality and considering the other’s complexity are issues of major importance. We want to propose a project about these issues from our specific point of view, that of performing arts, asserting that each part has to accept to move and be moved: artists, cultural operators, institutions, audiences, researchers, practices and the field of performing arts itself.

MORE THAN THIS is a project that focuses on the contemporary performance as a fundamental tool to rethink the value of complexity, as a tool to challenge the crystallisation of single narratives and fixed identities, and a perfect specific space to work on displacement and hospitality. 



1. L'Officina / Festival Dansem – Marseille, FRANCE (Coordinator)
2. Parallèle – Marseille, FRANCE
3. AREA06 / Festival Short Theatre – Rome, ITALY
4. Materiais Diversos – Minde, PORTUGAL
5. Asociación Cultural Gestus – Madrid, SPAIN
6. MTU Teine Tants / Saal Biannaal – Tallinn, ESTONIA



1. Sarayyet – First Ramallah Group / Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival – Ramallah, PALESTINE
2. Aleppo – Bruxelles, BELGIUM
3. Universidad Carlos III – Madrid, SPAIN
4. Matadero – Madrid, SPAIN
5. Camargo Foundation – Cassis, FRANCE