Parallèle 9 — Festival of young international creation

Published on 21 December 2018





Festival Parallèle invites us for one, two, four, ten shows, whatever time is necessary to move around this specific welcoming and warm space, for another reading of reality.

The festival invites us to celebrate the power of multitude and diversity, to rethink what we have in common, to confidently give in to the powers of imagination.

What if we changed perspectives? What if we gave the floor to youth, to those who come from afar, to those who see the world from different points of view, logic and relationships? What if we imagined new balance points?

The artists produced and invited here show that another world is possible, different from the world we currently take for granted, as an unchangeable authority that we realise to be a blatant failure on a daily basis.
Opening new ways is indeed the only means to think of a bearable future.
So yes, art is essential, today more than yesterday and undoubtedly tomorrow even more.

Welcome to you all for this polyphonic and joyful week.
Here, you will not be told what to think, you will be offered echoes that you could relate to you, opening breaches and new possibilities.
Like for a walk in the woods, with all your senses alert.

Welcome to witches, ghosts, children and adults, to Native American cosmology, to Korean youth and to artists creating under the bombs.
Welcome to grace and stammer, to those who can mimic bird chirping, to those who explore unchartered territories, exploring the edges.
Welcome to those who know they are numerous, complex, mixed and hybrid.
Welcome to the craftspersons of a sensitive and collective world.

This year, Parallèle has a programme of performing arts, theatre, dance, performance, film screenings directed by artists from the young generation, three visual art exhibitions, professional meetings conceived collectively alongside local stakeholders, artistic workshops for children between 6 and 12, a dance workshop for professional and non-professional dancers, an immersive group for “shows, practices and meetings” for young local multidisciplinary artists, and much more.


Lou Colombani,
head of Parallèle

Parallèle - Plateforme pour la jeune création internationale reçoit le soutien du Département des Bouches-du-Rhône, de la Région Sud - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur et de la Ville de Marseille. 





Merci à nos partenaires :
Dominique Bluzet, Didier Abadie, Philippe Ariagno, Alain Arnaudet, Irina Brook, Aurélie Berthaut, Damien Bouticourt, Guy Carrara et Raquel Rache de Andrade, Jean-François Chougnet, Hubert Colas, Francesca Corona, Gilles Desplanques, Rémy Fenzy et Juliette Vignon, Axelle Galtier, Sylvie Gerbault, Juliette Grimont, Michel Kelemenis, Fabrice Lextrait, Macha Makeieff, Lydie Marchi, Yves Millo, Pascal Neveux, Jean-Pierre Rehm et Fabienne Moris, l’équipe du Vidéodrome 2, ainsi qu’aux équipes respectives de nos partenaires.

Merci à Fouad Bouchoucha, Marie-Pascale Bouladoux, Julie Chenot, Marie Colombani, Louis et Myriam Colombani, Marie De Gauléjac, Claude Karsenty, Constance Juliette Meffre, Laurent Marro, Abraham Poincheval, Frédéric Pradeau, Myriam Ricard, Gisèle Tamisier, Rosine Tamisier, Catherine et Jean-Michel Vendassi.

Merci aux équipes techniques, à l'ensemble des bénévoles du festival, aux adhérents de l’association Parallèle et à toutes les personnes que nous pourrions oublier.

Merci à Jan Goossens et toute l'équipe du Festival de Marseille qui, depuis septembre 2017, nous accueillent dans leurs bureaux.