Parallèle - Platform for young international creation is supported by Le Département des Bouches-du-Rhône, La Région Sud - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and La Ville de Marseille.

Parallèle is in touch with the challenges and issues of young contemporary creation.

Since 2006, Parallèle has been :

A local project: 

Based in Marseille, we wish to turn our city and region into a pioneering and welcoming space to new artistic projects: a territory at the crossroads of collaborations, research for European, Mediterranean and Regional (Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur) artists; a territory which develops tools and dissemination for researching artists.

An international project: 
We work toward the circulation of approaches, artworks and artistits from the local to the international level through the development of a committed partner network.

A structuring project: 
Through connecting artists between themselves, as well as with a wide and varied audience, and with structures interested in new stage writing forms, we take part in the development of career paths in full swing.

A solidarity project: 
The collaborations which we trigger are based on the complementary assignments, means and tools of the partners, in favour of a new generation artists.

We are both producers and distributors and we work on the connection between these two components of performingd arts.

Parallèle is a structuring platform.
We work alongside artists in the development of their professional project and their artistic projects ensuring various functions:

- drafting of a professional project in the medium term
- reflexion around artistic projects and their drafting
- feasibility study of their projects and optimal implementation
- production development (schedules, partner research, funding research, budget drafting and follow-up)
- research and networking (locally, nationally, internationally)
- distribution support (locally, nationally, internationally)
- tour executive production
- weekly work meetings and tools given to artists

The artists are still in command as to the way they want to develop and show their work.
We make sure that the artistic project remains at the core of the montage des productions.

Artists/companies supported:

Anne Lise Le Gac (FR)
Sandra Iché - Association Wagons libres (FR)
Maud Blandel - ILKA (CH)