Aïcha Snoussi


Ymène Chetouane, Wadi Mhiri, Sonia Kallel , Sana Tamzini, Malek Gnaoui, Houda Ghorbel, Haythem Zakaria, Christophe Meierhans, Belhassen Chtioui , Ameni Gnaoui, Aïcha Snoussi

+ 216
Lowdown on young contemporary creation in Tunisia

Artists : Sonia Kallel, Malek Gnaoui, Ymene Chetouane, Aïcha Snoussi, Wadi Mhiri, Houda Ghorbel, Ameni Gnaoui, Belhassan Chtioui, Sana Tamzini, Haythem Zakaria

+ 216: the number to dial to reach Tunisia, a country buzzing with questions just like the young visual artists put to the fore in this exhibition. Installation, photography, video, digital art, engraving and graffiti: + 216 wants to reflect the Tunisian effervescent scene, where art is used in the present tense.

+216 received the support of the Institut français de Tunisie

You take the words right out of my mouth
Christophe Meierhans 

Concept, direction, camera and editing Christophe Meierhans with Laurent Bastard, Marion Enzmann, Jacobien Heydenrijk, Hannah Jensen, Jared Lebel, Iris Meierhans, Ione Ramel, Ana Rodriguez

Is there a cultural identity specific to the West? Thanks to the vision of the Middle East by European, American and Australian expatriates, Christophe Meierhans offers to tackle this question. A video installation that hunts down the ordinary through otherness.

Coproduction Kunst/Werk, W139 support Nadine vzw, Pianofabriek, Commission de la Communauté Flamande de Bruxelles (VGC), Pro Helvetia

Production of the exhibition KOMM’N'ACT I Friche la Belle de Mai