Elise Tamisier

Born in 1980, Elise Tamisier is based in Marseille where she currently works as director, photographer and producer. Through her studies in applied languages and cultural management, she first lived in England (Liverpool), then Spain (Granada, Valencia).
Her work revolves around how individuality is expressed in a given social environment. The theme of her first exhibition was urbanism and the place of individuals in the city, based on photographs taken in Liverpool and Granada.
The way her work has been developing has naturally led to the film SANS SOMMEIL (2010), which is a short experimental documentary on the city of Paris, deriving from a non-stop 24-hour photo shoot with sound recording. Right after, she made AILLEURS COMMENCE ICI (2010), a short film which uses in a different manner SANS SOMMEIL's concept in the vicinity of Marseille and includes the active involvement of inhabitants in the photo shoot. She is currently working on a creative documentary about the island of Naoshima in Japan (NAOSHIMA UTOPIA).

Elise Tamisier regularly collaborates to artistic projects as photographer (for the plays "Gross" and "ACTE Vegas", directed for the stage by Geoffrey Coppini, 2006 and 2010; exhibition at Rencontres //01 in Aix-en-Provence 2006 and //02 in Marseille 2008…), or as assistant director (Alter Ego, by Jérôme Nunes 2010; Death in the Garden, by Jean-Laurent Csinidis 2010).

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