Francisco Medeiros

Born in Lisbon in 1981. Graduated from the Portuguese-speaking University of Lisbon in Film, Video and Multimedia Communication. He took part in workshops: Max MSP / Jitter, Super Collider 3, System design run respectively by André Bartetzki and Ivan Franco.

He also attended master classes in composition by Barry Truax, Morton Subtonic, Marek Scholoniewski.

His professional and artistic career focuses on the production and creation of multimedia projects for which he develops an expressive use of contemporary technologies.

He is the co-author of such projects as Le Petit Point (1998), Puget Sound (2000), Kineticaos (2004), FB01 (2007), Aug-tree (2008), Reflex (2008), Solitude (2009), Mick Mengucci Effeito X (2010).

He has collaborated with artists in performing arts such as Ana Martins, Amelia Bentes, Mick Mengucci, Joao Santos.


Francisco Medeiros

Work deriving from PARALLÈLE 02 residencies

Ana Martins (Portugal): choreography, dance
Francisco Medeiros (Portugal): sound design
Cyril Meroni (France): video, set design

A proposal by KOMM’N’ACT, in co-production with Système Friche Theatre - la Friche la Belle de Mai, supported by Theatre Durance, in Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban and Theatre de la Balsamine, in Brussels.

Submerso resulted from the meeting of three artists with different disciplines.
The creation involved a series of residencies in Europe initiated and proposed by KOMM’N’ACT.

Submerso is most probably an area in your head or near the sea, whose boundaries keep changing. Its outline is blurred, what is inside it is dark. Submerso is our flaw. It's a tension that ceaselessly grows with no apparent reason. It derives from a movement, a look, a presence, between the lines of what is being said, performed, danced.

© Cyril Meroni