Jenny Abouav

La Relève

Sophie Blet, Kent Robinson, Jenny Abouav, Gillian Brett, Anouk Moyaux , Amandine Capion, Stéphanie Brossard

Artistes exposés à art-cade : Jenny Abouav, Gillian Brett, Amandine Capion, Anouk Moyaux, Kent Robinson

Artistes exposés à HO : Jenny Abouav, Sophie Blet, Gillian Brett, Stéphanie Brossard


Parallèle - Platform for young international creation joins forces with art-cade, Galerie des Grands Bains Douches at la Plaine and Galerie HO in order to show the work of visual artists turning professionals further to a call for projects. During the festival, the 3 partners will organise an exhibition bringing together the projects selected around the following notions: Abstraction, subversion, disappearance.

More than one hundred projects were submitted and assessed by a selection committee made up of:
— Aurélie Berthaut (manager of art-cade Galerie des Bains Douches, chairwoman of la Semaine Pop Philosophie and cofounder of l'Agence Collective, dedicated to supporting artists)
— Fouad Bouchoucha (sculptor, performer and video-maker)
— Lou Colombani (managing and artistic director of Parallèle)
— Marie de Gaulejac (curator and in charge of residencies for Triangle France-Astérides)
— Gilles Desplanques (artist and cofounder of Galerie HO and Marseille expos)
— Constance Juliette Meffre (independent curator and producer)
— Abraham Poincheval (performer and teacher at École supérieure d'art in Aix-en-Provence)
— Frédéric Pradeau (sculptor, visual artist and teacher at the school of Fine Arts in Marseille).

Artists exhibited at art-cade: Jenny Abouav, Kent Robinson, Anouk Moyaux, Yohan Dumas
Artists exhibited at HO: Sophie Blet, Stéphanie Brossard


En coréalisation avec art-cade, Galerie des Grands Bains Douches de la Plaine et la Galerie HO

Jeudi 17 janvier — vernissage à 18:00 à art-cade et HO

15:00-19:00 art-cade, du mardi au samedi (changement d'horaires par rapport à ce qui est indiqué sur le programme papier)
10:00-19:00 Galerie HO, tous les jours sauf les lundi et dimanche 

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