Le bruit des nuages

Le bruit des nuages company was set up in Marseille in 2004 by Olivier
Thomas, architect, set designer, musician.

Unsatisfied with being the mouthpiece of other people's thoughts, he decided to speak through the design of theatrical dramaturgies based primarily on set designs.

Since then he has been thinking about a wordless theatre (but neither dumb, nor meaningless) a wordless language for "silent shows which have things to say".

The company created Ca me laisse sans voix in 2006 and Le balayeur
céleste in 2010.

© Gaëlle Vaillant

La Machine pour s'entraîner à manquer d'espace

Le bruit des nuages

La machine pour s'entrainer à manquer d'espace

Sci-fi Stage Performance from the forthcoming creation of  "Rétrospective incomplète d'une disparition définitive".

Production: Le bruit des nuages – in co-production with KOMM'N'ACT – with the support of Vidéophonic, association AADN (69) and the city of Mouans-Sartoux (06)

Among other perils, mankind will have to face its own irretrievable and seemingly uncontrollable increase.

For from being able (as quickly as it increases) to send excess people to Mars or Saturn, some societies plan to reduce the space allocated to each individual.

Besides, in so called "developed" countries, this phenomenon has partially and insidiously started in cities: the lack of accommodation together with financial and real estate pressure triggered off a significant reduction of accommodation surface per inhabitant, immediately backed up legally by all sorts of revisions (downwards) of minimum habitability standards, which was going up until then.

For the inhabitants of the world where the size of accommodations was inversely proportional to that of fridges which can be found in them, the message sent is clear: we may as well get used to... be use less space. And as much as there are simulators for astronauts to learn how to deal with weightlessness, it's high time we implemented a few instruments for people to anticipate their forthcoming living conditions.

Therefore here is the machine that helps you get used to running out of space.

In this mechanical and still experimental process but which will certainly be foundation for training and achievement of tomorrow's individuals, the vital space is a datum in movement, which keeps going down.

Individuals must develop strategies (in three dimensions) to find their own place and survive. There appears a new concept with a new name: MSS, Minimum Survival Space, which represents the line below which the health and integrity of a given individual are endangered. It also becomes, with a care to distribute rightly (and save) reserves global vital space reserves, the quantification of sufficient space for the comfort of said individual.

At the same time as the physical pressure he undergoes, the individual is helped by a more psychological "pressure": a few benevolent voices advise him so as to encourage him to be reduced, shrink and get smaller with a view to getting the best results possible. Let's specify, in conclusion, that this research system will only require in the beginning voluntary actors, who thanks to this experience, will be better suited for tomorrow's world, and will undoubtedly be immensely grateful to this new machine.

Olivier Thomas

© C.Zuliani - AADN



Regards Croisés

Le bruit des nuages

The same video material is sent to each invited artist one month and a half prior to the festival.
Each can use it anyway they want to come up with a spontaneous artistic act in return: extension, disruption, diversion… of the movie clip.
The open artistic act can be a text, a video, a photograph, a collective or individual proposal on stage, etc.
Each artist or artistic team will show their act during the closing night of this third edition, on Saturday, May 28, 2011.

© Tabas

Bulles d'artistes

Le bruit des nuages

Venues and times vary for each artist


Over the course of the 9 days of the festival, the Artists' Bubbles are special moments when spectators and artists can talk.
The artists present their references and sources of inspiration as a way of understanding their artistic world and give an insight into their background  (other works by the artist, influences, culture…)
This is yet another way for the spectator to make the most of Rencontres//03.

Please meet us:

Friday 20 May at 19h00: Marjolijn Van Heemstra - La Friche – Hall de la Cartonnerie

Friday 20 May at 20h00: L'IRMAR – during a meal organized by the artistic team as part of the Banquets des Grands Bains Douches de la Plaine – price to be defined - ART-CADE Gallery

Monday 23 May at 7.30pm: Yaïr Barelli - La Friche – Hall de la Cartonnerie

Wednesday 25 May at 19h00: RSJ Works / Human Works - La Friche – Hall de la Cartonnerie

Wednesday 25 May at 19h00: Rana Hamadeh - cipM

Thursday 26 May at 19h00: Le Bruit des nuages - La Friche – Hall de la Cartonnerie

Friday 27 May at 19h00: Alexander Schellow (invited sociologist: Sylvie Mazzella) - HO Gallery

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