Via Negativa

Via Negativa is an international performing arts project.
Our work is focused in the relationship between the performer and the audience in real space and time.

We deal with this relationship as a complex flow of points of view, expectations, judgments, conclusions, recognitions, stereotypes, fallacies, prejudices, tolerance or intolerance, knowledge or lack thereof; all these trigger various emotional, rational or irrational responses. No matter what is the subject or the story of the performance we always search for the situation that triggers this relationship and gets it running. We are interested in live art that exist because of questions and not because of answers. Our performing strategies are therefore more and more diverse: theater, lecture, dance, video, radical body practices, gallery projects … We feel we are most real when we touch upon something that can no longer be rationalized, when we no longer have to pretend to understand something we do not. We work as a collective in which each individual fights with his reasons, his body and courage, his imagination and mind, his skills and energy for his own sense and position on stage.

We are working from 2002. In the period from 2002 to 2008 we produced 7 projects on 7 deadly sins and organized numerous workshops, where many performers joined our project, which thus became international. In 2009 we’ve begun working on a new performance series Via Nova. VN has its home in Ljubljana, the artistic director and the founder of the project is theater director Bojan Jablanovec. Vn is an open type project, meaning we are not a theater group with a fixed number of its members.

Four Deaths

Via Negativa

Who must we kill for the love of the audience?

Like Bible’s Cain and Abel compete for god’s love, performers compete for the love of the audience. In theatre, the audience is god, and on stage or behind it we constantly switch the roles of Cain and Abel. In our story on envy we asked: who is our Abel? Four performers set up phantasms of their dying of four big names of the European performing arts world (Pina Bausch, Tim Etchells, La Ribot, Marina Abramović) and erasure them from the stage of contemporary performing arts.