Doris Uhlich


Choreography: Doris Uhlich
Dramaturgy: Andrea Salzmann
With: Harald Baluch, Susanne Kirnbauer, Doris Uhlich

– an examination of classical ballet, its hierarchies, body images, illusionary worlds and the people involved it.
The source of origin is the romantic ballet, the emergence of toe dance in the 19th century and its idealisation of the ballerina.
The interest in the subject developed from Doris Uhlich´s last piece of work und, in which the gestures, the robustness and fragility of the performing older people´s bodies were the centre point. Contrary to und, SPITZE lays emphasis not on everyday gestures or moving patterns but on the codes of classical stage dance, which have been fixed for centuries.
Susanne Kirnbauer - retired first solo dancer of the Vienna Opera meets Harald Baluch – solo dancer and Doris Uhlich who started to toe dance when she was thirty years old.
The performers leave their habitual means of representation and stage presence behind and find new access to their own dancing biographies.