Festival Parallèle 10 — Dossier de presse (pdf - 7.81 MB)
Festival Parallèle 10 — Programme (pdf - 3.60 MB)


Parallèle and L'Officina chose to join forces around a joint project and develop together an International production hub for emerging practices.
This union, or this merger as per the legal term, means a new vitality for both our organisations. Deriving from a specific context and environment, this is our active and dynamic response, fuelled by many desires. 

Such an announcement amounts to saying that two stories, two trajectories, various areas of exploration, two sets of skills and two teams unite to be one -however multiple and complex they may be- so as to give more strength to their actions. 

Our new project hinges on three lines that we were working on prior to this union: production and dissemination of artists’ projects, a festival – as a necessary gathering moment for the visibility of artists including the ones we support -, and projects of international cooperation for our actions to reach a European level and beyond. 
Our two festivals, Dansem and Parallèle become one, led by a dual artistic approach.

Welcome to Parallèle 10, the first converging edition between these two stories! 

Dedicated to emerging practices, Parallèle invites us to discover and follow the emergence and formulation of new visions, forms, languages and thoughts. They invite us to listen to the rustling of what is appearing, making it possible for them to reach their full power, as a way of greeting tomorrow and be an active then. 

If art is a sounding board where various forms of relations to the world can emerge, against any instrumental reason, an international festival is an opportunity to reinvent a joint experience made up of heterogeneity, complexity and multitude. It is a tool to displace outlooks, open geographies, explore other ways and consider them as numerous potential options.

Hence for the international cooperation project More Than This*, Parallèle 10 opens its doors to Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival — Sareyyet Ramallah. 
A part of the programme has been conceived together, around artists that Ramallah Festival in Palestine wanted to invite here, in Marseille. This cooperation is a beautiful opportunity for us to leave a free space to another festival which will invest it in its own way and experiment being included as part of our programming highlight. 

Parallèle 10 will explore the body as a source of languages and echoes, a place of sensitive and collective archives, and of self-invention too. We will try to return its fluidity and mobility, refusing to assign it to an identity and contained representation. We will take into consideration its stories, memories and we will invent creative tomorrows. 

Welcome to those who seek and question, welcome to displaced bodies, to witnesses, to wanderers, to beats, welcome to bonfires and poets, to unruly bodies and those who constantly reinvent themselves out of mixed cultures.


 Lou Colombani and Francesca Corona


*More Than This is supported by Creative Europe of the European Commission. Parallèle is the leader of the project.