Sandra Iché - Association Wagons libres at the Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil - 4th and 5th May

Published on 04 May 2017

Sandra Iché and the Association Wagons libres [artists supported by KOMM'N'ACT] present a work in progress of Droite/Gauche 4th and 5th May at the Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil  "A voté". 


As a way for Sandra Iché to work on history with the tools of fiction (what happened, what could have happened) and the stage (rhythm, space, body), Droite/Gauche is both about showing a research and putting it in play choreographically and theatrically. The project, whose final form will be presented in 2018, combines work methods of many collaborators. Challenging how disciplines are waterproof, philosophers, dancers, historians, actors and sociologists question together the mechanisms of where one stands politically and within power relations. Reconstructions of family itineraries in 19th and 20th century France, interviews of right-wing people, translation games with migrants who have just arrived in France: these are some of the ways with which Droite/Gauche scrutinises the physical and political orientation of a body in the spaces it goes through.