Anne Lise Le Gac and Arthur Chambry in Centrale Fies | DUCTUS MIDI | 24th july 2019

Published on 08 July 2019


The tour continues!
After the Kusntenfestivaldesarts, DUCTUS MIDI will be on July 24 at 20h15 at Centrale Fies - Ipernatural (IT).


Anne Lise Le Gac et Arthur Chambry 
Création, performance
Katerina Andreou, Arthur Chambry et Anne Lise Le Gac
With the participation of
Christophe Manivet
Light creation
Nils Doucet
Pablo Simonet 
Eyes +++
Pauline le boulba


How would it be PLACES if people did not travel ? On a hazily edges terrain, two walkers, Anne Lise Le Gac et Arthur Chambry, begin a trip without resolution. They are on the way, side by side, without holding, «being DUCTUS ». In his book, The story of lines, Tim Ingold specifies DUCTUS that way : in Middle-age, this word refers to a reading mode sets up like a journey more than a map. « They didn’t interpret text written on the page according to a precise map, already composed and complete in itself, but they rather looked on it as a journey marked with signals, direction signs or stops that allowed them to turn towards memory space. »
This journey does not have a fixed-term, and the rhythm of each other can differ. On their way, Anne Lise and Arthur cross two other travellers, Katerina Andreou et Christophe Manivet.
DUCTUS MIDI’s agency could be compare to a series of nods between thread-trajectories.
It is a space for « undercommoning ». A talking map. « Commoning » to pass round the necessity of understanding. Here, communication stakes would not be resolved through understanding what other WANTS to say, but rather experiencing some parts of our journey WITH a companion.