20th October 2022 | exit from residence Le social brû(il)le collectif Travaux publics | 3 bis f

Published on 19 October 2022
20.10.2022, 20h

Bringing together know-how and sensibilities from the worlds of art and social sciences, the Travaux publics collective uses the tools of artistic creation, popular education and collaborative research to encourage a critical appropriation of the social world. By working on our individual and collective histories, on our languages, on our social environments, it aims to amplify the potential for emancipation and the capacities for action of the people and groups with whom it is involved.


In October, the collective will take advantage of a first residency period at 3 bis f to continue their creative work on the state of social action today, carried out mainly in Bobigny in collaboration with social workers from Seine-Saint-Denis. The second period of residency, in June 2023, will be the occasion to initiate a research-action with the care community of the Centre Hospitalier Montperrin in order to highlight with them the institutional and individual conditions, the difficulties and inventions, which characterize the initiative, common to that of the social workers, to engage daily in the maintenance of social links and the constitution of spaces of solidarity.