30 november and 1st december 2022 | La Caresse du Coma ft. YOLO d'Anne Lise Le Gac | Feminist Futures Festival Salzburg

Published on 29 November 2022
La Caresse du Coma ft. YOLO,  Anne Lise Le Gac
Feminist Futures Festival organized by SZENE Salzburg
Representations au Toihaus Theater Salzburg
30 november and 1st december 2022

“I have been staying in a four-star spa hotel in remote Croatia for forty days now, at a gathering of people who are in search of Happiness, convinced that they live in a world that is INFINITELY LIVING. Within the group, they each have a transitional status: as I am new, I am automatically DOG, “a love machine”, and my number is 23. At the beginning, DOG (23) did not know anyone, and soon COACH, PIRATE and ANGEL 92Kcal shared their advice, beliefs and practices with them. Today, DOG (23) meets LIQUID VIRGIN, a spectral figure of the movement. Her presence is manifested by a breath called YOLO, a kind of primordial atmosphere, a contact like a “big passing hit” that DOG (23) will have no choice but to inhale and spit out.”

La Caresse du Coma is a meta-project composed of cameos. It’s not so much about a project that works in stages so much as chapters, like in a novel, or the ALIEN saga, or when Doc Gyneco asks Bernard Tapie, Renaud, or Johnny Hallyday if they’ll sing with him.
For the time being, Anne Lise Le Gac presents all of them separately, because a cameo can last between fifty minutes and an hour. Each is an encounter between CHIEN (23) and some other proverbial mutt passing through the Croatian spa.