december 20th 2023 | Diverti Menti, Maud Blandel, Maya Masse & l'Ensemble Contrechamps | Dampzentrale, Bern

Published on 04 December 2023

For her third creation, choreographer Maud Blandel invites dancer Maya Masse to develop an approach of composition based on Mozart’s series of Divertimenti*. From this research was born a reorchestration of the Divertimento K.136 for a unique quartet: three soloists from the Ensemble Contrechamps from Geneva and one dancer.

What are the characteristics of such a musical genre? How can they be given not only the ability to be heard but also to be seen? What does this new organization reveal about the function of entertainment? To this work of translation (from a musical score to a choreographic composition) a second dimension will be added: the perception of time.