february 28 and 29 2024 | L'œil nu, Maud Blandel | Theater der Künste, Bühne A dans le cadre des Swiss Dance Days, Zürich

Published on 16 February 2024
L'œil nu, Maud Blandel 
february 28 2024, 19h30
february 28 2024, 18h
They say a star begins to die when its balance fades and its hydrogen supply is empty. When that happens, it slowly degenerates until – depending on its size – it either violently explodes or its heart collapses. For this piece, French and Swiss choreographer Maud Blandel associates the astrophysics phenomenon of pulsars to the tragic sound memory of the explosion of her father’s heart. By translating physics principles like rotation, gravity, and periodicity, The Naked Eye mobilizes six dancers and transforms the scenic space into an observation spot. What do we really see faced with a degenerating body (be it a star, a human body or a collective body)? More than an autobiographical account, Blandel plays with questions of scale, tragedy and transforms memory into images – showcasing how it persists, as well as its loops and blanks, its shadows and sparks of creativity.