Margin Release - DañsFabrik at Festival de Brest

Published on 11 February 2016

Margin Release - Thursday 3 March at 7h30 p.m at QUARTZ, Scène nationale de Brest, in the frame of DañsFabrik

Choregraphy and text Lenio Kaklea

With the help of unexpected partners, Lénio Kaklea and Katerina Andreou shape their duet: mouldings of their faces and some of their body parts. Inspired by death masks from Ancient Rome, these marks help them not to conceal, but un-cover, unveil what is hidden behind. Carnal, the dance of the Greek choreographer travels down the path of introspection, without giving up on encounters nonetheless. For other people are also those we see our reflection in. Between reversion and reflection, duplication and distortion, Margin Release paves a way that deliberately plays with confusion, favouring the negative over the image, the revelation over the exposure. Until the masks are dropped and we are face to face with who we are.

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