Wagons libres - Festival de la revue Livraisons

Published on 25 March 2016

After a warm welcom in festival Parallèle -6 in Marseille, Wagons libres of the association Wagons libres / Sandra Iché is presented in the frame of the Festival de la revue Livraisons, May 14th 2016 at 9.00 pm. in Les Subsistances - Lyon.

In 2000, Sandra Iché wrote a story of the Orient-Express, a Beirut French-speaking magazine from the 1990s, created and run by historian and journalist Samir Kassir. Ten years later, she leads a new series of interviews with the former collaborators from the Orient-Express, as per a protocol designed for words not to be redundant with reality but to allow for fiction: the interview takes place in 2030, and from then, we remember today. Through this both retrospective and anticipatory approach, memories become a tool de reenact the present. In a spacialised and deconstructed form of the documentary approach (mixing sound and visual archives, working notes, voice-over and testimonies), Wagons libres makes the most of the theatrical space pour tie reality to fiction and question the fictionalisation of History.