Be My Guest — International network for the emerging practices

The Belluard Bollwerk is a part of Be My Guest, a structured and organic network dedicated to emerging practices in performing arts. It brings together 13 European partners (festivals, theaters and cultural venues) that are attentive to the renewal of artistic forms and known for their commitment to artists.
Based on the complicity, the confidence and the freedom of the exchanges, Be My Guest questions itself on adapted ways to answer the needs of the artists, it is attentive to their trajectories and is based on a relationship of invested support, with a long course follow-up. Thanks to the support of Pro Helvetia and the French Institute Be My Guest supports 3 projects in co-production per year. In addition to this financial support, Be My Guest offers a variety of collaborations: distribution, residencies, workshops... Be My Gest is also a space for reflection on our professional practices, connected to current social issues.
The network meets 3 times a year in plenary and meets regularly more informally on the occasion of programming highlights in Europe and beyond

Tanzquartier — Wien (AT)
La Bellone — Bruxelles (BE)
Kaaitheater — Bruxelles (BE)
Kunstencentrum BUDA — Kortrijk (BE)
Belluard Bollwerk — Fribourg (CH)
Théâtre Saint-Gervais — Genève (CH) 
ICI-CCN — Montpellier (FR)
Parallèle — Marseille (FR)
Théâtre de la Bastille — Paris (FR)
Artsadmin — London (GB)
Short Theatre — Roma (IT)
Materiais Diversos — Lisboa (PT)
MDT – Stockholm (SE)

The artists supported :


Eli Mathieu Bustos
Kidows Kim 
Collectif Foulles 
Betty Tchomanga 
Jija Sohn 
Pauline L. Boulba 
Lau Lukkarila
Ana Pi 
Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin 
Ulduz Ahmadzadeh 
Olivia Csiky Trnka 
Myriam Lefkowitz 
Madeleine Fournier 
Sonja Jokiniemi 
Anne-Lise Le Gac 
Catarina Miranda