2b company

Conférence de choses

2b company

Concept François Gremaud
Co-writtings François Gremaud et Pierre Mifsud

With Pierre Mifsud
Administration, production and diffusion mm - Michaël Monney

He has the staircase wit and an encyclopaedic knowledge so he always lands on his feet. As a highly connected Pécuchet, Pierre Mifsud is a verbal hypertext artist. Systematically starting explanatory digressions without ever ending them, the speaker drifts with his audience along his stream of thoughts. A stream he sails on without compass, jumping from pillar to post, from Haribo sweets to Descartes' philosophy, from the shores of scientific rigour to those of language madness. With only one goal in mind: roaming the ever so wide territory of our knowledge. An ambition as comical as unreachable.

Production 2b company
Coproductions ARSENIC - Centre d’Art Scènique Contemporain - Lausanne ; Centre Culturel Suisse - Paris
With the participation of FAR° Festival des Arts Vivants - Nyon
Supports Loterie Romande ; Pro Helvetia - Fondation suisse pour la culture ; Fondation Leenaards ; Fondation suisse des artistes interprètes Corodis. 
The 2b company received the trust agreement 2015-2017 from the City of Lausanne


2b company

To : Gremaud/Gurtner/Bovay in collaboration with : Laetitia Dosch
with : Viviane Pavillon, Tiphanie Bovay-Klameth, Michèle Gurtner, François Gremaud

What if a choir practice was already a show in itself? In front of our eyes, with much energy and solemnity, four members of a non-professional choir add the finishing touches to their recital. A collection of international tracks, a mix of timeless nursery rhymes and more experimental scores. Vocal continuity, stage recommendations, communion, power play and et micro-tensions: nothing is missing from this true-to-life reconstruction. With an acute sense of observation and discrepancy artistry, the 2b company reveals all the aspects of a choir, which is in keeping with both music and social play. An X-ray without mockery, which benevolently triggers laughter. At the top of your lungs, of course.

Production : 2b company supports : Ville de Lausanne, CORODIS
With the help of ONDA and Pro Helvetia