Bettina Atala

Stand Up Comédie

Bettina Atala

Concept Bettina Atala

Assisted by Ronan Letourneur Advice Pascale Murtin and François Hiffer

Bettina Atala likes trying out what she doesn't know. Here she is taking up a new challenge: stand-up comedy. Together with the reference book on the subject  – the Comedy Bible by Judy Carter – she rushes into the battle. But the sidekick of the collective Grand Magasin is more used to twisting codes than following instructions. Doing it with passion yet unconventionally, she breaks down the mechanisms of laughter and tests the supposed tricks of the trade. Both judges and subjects of the tongue-in-cheek experimentations, we slalom between true and false good ideas, miraculous recipes and intimate cracks. Thus revealing a tasty form of humour: the cheeky art of counterpoint.

Executive production Situation Comédie

Coproductions Les spectacles vivants - Centre Pompidou ; Parc de la Villette, dans le cadre des Résidences d’artistes

Support Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (aide au développement du DICREAM)