Silvia Costa

Mes témoins

Silvia Costa

At night, an invisible court gathers around her, looks at her and questions her.
Unable to answer on the spot, she takes a pen and draws her story.
As all-knowing witnesses, Silvia Costa’s drawings have observed her life and are its repository, like a diary. Only they can summarize the artist’s autobiography. Full of people, holes, fragments and phantasmagoria, we are not facing a linear biography here.
It is the first exhibition bringing together the drawings by Silvia Costa, stage director and performer. Mes témoins is an opportunity to discover the concealed, secret and night-time dimension of her work. 
They encapsulate a way of seeing the world, which is profound and child-like, poetic and ironic, to be found in her theatrical and performance work. 
Thanks to them, she turns joy and pain on and off in that space.

Sa pièce La Dimora del Lampo a été présentée dans le cadre de Parallèle 6 au Théâtre de l'Œuvre en 2016. 

Une exposition proposée par le Festival Parallèle, en partenariat avec OÙ, en collaboration avec Hydrib - Plateforme dédiée aux arts visuels

26 janvier 

Vernissage à 18:00 HLM / Hors-Les-Murs
Performance de Silvia Costa à 19:00

30 janvier -2 février


15:00-19:00 HLM / Hors-Les-Murs
Performance de Silvia Costa, samedi 2 février à 17:30


Entrée libre

La dimora del Lampo

Silvia Costa

Concept Silvia Costa 

Music Lorenzo Tomio Draws of the installation Maroussia
Staging assistant Vaes Francesco

A black box, half-way between fairground sideshow and contemporary art installation. The young viewers are entitled to enter in small groups. Steeped in darkness, they will experience illusion, of what is seen and what is imagined. The benevolent darkness hosts in its centre a skylight, which opens onto a multiple world. A giant kaleidoscope, playing with diffraction and inversion to produce an infinite combination of scenes, suitable to fuel the imagination. Here nothing is given, everything is suggested. It is up to children to use their sensitivity to connect these images rising from the dark. Stealth like shadows, short-lived like dreams, transient like lightning. 

Before the show, the children can learn how to make their own kaleidoscope. A playful initiation to optics, and to the mischievous tricks our eyes can sometimes play on us.


Coproduction Uovokids 2013