Markus Öhrn

Bergman in Uganda

Première en France

Durée : 1h32 (en continu)

Concept, caméra & montage : Markus Öhrn
Avec : Persona (1966) de Ingmar Bergman
Traduction : Kenneth Barongo

Production : Markus Öhrn, Swedish Subterranean Movie Company
Avec le soutien du : Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Swedish Arts Grant Committee, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Volksbühne am Rosa Luxemburgplatz (Berlin)

Installation vidéo

In Uganda, a new kind of folk storyteller has emerged in recent years: veejays. These are people who work in makeshift cinema halls in slums and remote villages. Their art consists of directly translating movies – usually Hollywood blockbusters – for the local audience. Swedish artist Markus Öhrn (remember Magic Bullet at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2013?) came up with the idea of showing the films of Ingmar Bergman in this particular cultural context. With his back to the big screen, Öhrn filmed the narrators issuing words and explanations of the complex introspections on European culture and lifestyle that are so emblematic of Bergman’s work. How does one watch Persona (1966) in the shantytowns of Kampala today? Not without irony, Markus Öhrn allows the European spectator to see how the African viewer looks at him. A confusing reversal that induces us to reflect on our own perspective.


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