Filippo Michelangelo Ceredi

Between Me and P.

Durée : 1h10

Spectacle en italien sur-titré en français et en anglais

De et avec : Filippo Michelangelo Ceredi
Tutorat : Daria Deflorian, dans le cadre de la résidence Officina LachesiLAB 
Accompagnement à la réalisation : Alessandra De Santis et Attilio Nicoli Cristiani 
Accompagnement à la chorégraphie : Cinzia Delorenzi
Assistants au projet : Clara F. Crescini, Sara Gambini Rossano, Francesca S. Perilli 

Production : Filippo Michelangelo Ceredi, Teatro delle Moire / Danae Festival - 2016
Avec le soutien de : ZONA K

Performance - Première en France
There is no date in the future for this show.
01 Feb 2019 — 19H30
Montévidéo centre d'art

Between Me and P. arose from a pressing need to tackle an actual family history. 
Pietro willingly disappeared in 1987, aged 22, leaving no trace behind. 
Twenty-five years later, his younger brother Filippo started a long research in order to approach this figure and understand what led him to take the decision to vanish.
The stage concept attempts to set light on a silent and overwhelming absence, while telling a story deeply connected to our individual and collective time.
In the half light of the beamer, Filippo Michelangelo Ceredi creates a dialogue between sound and visual archive material and his presence on stage. Sitting behind a desk, he activates the computer while the audience follows the narration through the screening of a text being written, photos of Pietro and testimonies from friends and relatives. 
The image of Pietro is drawn step by step, new aspects of the story appear and his decision of leaving everything behind becomes readable. 

En coréalisation avec Montévidéo centre d'art

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