Madeleine Fournier


Conception and dance: Madeleine Fournier
Sound system and music: Clément Vercelletto
Resume alternating with: Sébastien Finck
Lighting: Pierre Bouglé
Regie: Samson Milcent
Outside look: David Marques
Costume helper: Valentine Solé
Film advice: Dominique Willoughby
Graphics: Catherine Hershey
In co-production with LE ZEF and with the support of Onda — Office national de diffusion artistique
There is no date in the future for this show.
31 Jan 2020 — 21H
LE ZEF — Marseille (FR)

Wearing red gloves and lit by a single lightbulb hanging from a wire, Madeleine Fournier worms her way among the items of a drum set playing autonomously. With only her hands, with her lanky limbs as she is double-jointed, she delicately enjoys the movements of a traditional Auvergne dance: bourrée. Then the space thickens, her muscles get tight, focusing on ploughing, in order to experience the density of the rough and fertile ground. The result is an amazingly rich substrate, that borrows from rural fantasy as well as eco-feminism, where layers of meaning are overlaid, so as to blur the line between the mechanical and the organic, the natural and the cultural.

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