Les Projections Parallèle(s)




La Barque Silencieuse / 2015
Julie Chaffort

Length 32 min

What is “listening” about? Who, or what, within ourselves, listens when we pause to be imbued with a piece of music, a song, the rhythm of a dance? Julie Chaffort chose to give many forms to this invisible vessel that listening is: a horse, a cow, or even a boat, a stream, a landscape, branches, a boxer, un dancer, etc. In the area of Monflanquin, in the South-West of France, she met locals that she involved in a sequence of animated scenes in which “music makers” talk (singers, choir members, instrumentalists, including a gramophone) with silent yet active listeners. The outcome is both mischievous and moving, disturbing and respectful of everything that can be seen or heard. This boat full of colourful characters, dressed in a garish way, it is a crazy vessel where mad are the sounds, the gestures of the sounds, the silent stories of the sounds. (JPR)


As far as we could get / 2017 (version courte d’un work in progress)

Length 15 min 

Palembang in Indonesia and Neiva in Colombia are two medium-sized cities, which turn out to be on opposite sides of the world. Le lm*** establishes a system of correspondences between these two opposite points, where interventions in the city by people born on the day of the fall of the Berlin wall, basketball clubs, local singers, talk to us about life, love, geopolitics and economy. Reaching two opposite points geographically in order to see and prove to what extent we are all connected, that we are all the same, in our personal as well as historical banality and complexity. Ivan Argote


Les Indes Galantes / 2017

Length 5 min

Clément Cogitore has adapted a short part of the ballet of Les Indes galantes by Jean-Philippe Rameau, with the support of a group of Krump dancers, and three choreographers: Bintou Dembele, Igor Caruge and Brahim Rachiki. Krump is a dance originating from the Los Angeles ghettos in the 90s. Its birth resulted from the riots and brutal police repression which followed the beating of Rodney King.


Projections en partenariat avec le FIDMarseille, Festival International de Cinéma et Les Variétés

Les textes sont issus des catalogues du FIDMarseille hormis Les Indes Galantes (texte 3e Scène - Opéra National de Paris) 



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