She studied at the Fine Arts School in Strasbourg from 2003 to 2008, focusing on performance art. She completed the ESSAIS master programme for dance at CNDC Angers in 2013. In 2014, she worked with choreographer Claudia Triozzi. Anne Lise Le Gac has also created solo pieces such as La Caresse du Coma and a collaborative performance project, GRAND MAL, with Élie Ortis, which they presented at the Les Urbaines festival (Lausanne), at Festival Parallèle (Marseilles) and at the TQW reopening weekend.

Since 2015, she has been co-organising the performance festival OKAY CONFIANCE that was recently held at La Ferme du Buisson (Paris).

In July 2018, in residency at Centrale Fies (IT), she starts a new performance project in collaboration with the artist and musician Arthur Chambry. This creation will be presented in spring 2019.



On tour: 

La Caresse du Coma



La Caresse du Coma is built like a drift: from chapter to chapter, Anne Lise Le Gac adjusts her subject, constantly attempting to “bastardise reality to let fiction ooze in.” Said fiction is born of a desire to redefine our relationship with the other — whether it be human, digital, animal, or vegetal.
“I have been staying in a four-star hotel-spa in the heart of Croatia for about forty days now, during a gathering of people who are in search of Happiness, convinced that they live in an INFINITE LIVING WORLD.
Within the group, they each have a transitory status: as I am new, I am automatically a DOG, “a loving machine”, and my number is 23.
At the beginning, DOG (23) didn’t know anyone, and soon COACH, PIRATE and ANGE 92Kcal shared their advice, beliefs and practices with it. Today, DOG (23) meets LIQUID VIRGIN, the spectral figure of the movement. Her presence is manifested by a breath called YOLO, a kind of primordial atmosphere, a passing contact that DOG (23) will have no choice but to inhale and spit out. »

  • “The features are not really working steps
    but rather chapters in a novel
    or the saga ALIEN 1 / ALIEN 2 / ALIEN 3
    or when Doc Gyneco asks Bernard Tapie, Renaud or Johnny Hallyday to sing alongside him.
    And for the moment I’m presenting each of them separately, because a feature lasts between 50 minutes and an hour.
    Each feature is a meeting between a DOG (23) and another bastard species met in the Croatian spa.
    Chronologically speaking:
  1. La Caresse du Coma ft. COACH
    2) La Caresse du Coma ft. PIRATE
  2. La Caresse du Coma ft. ANGE 92Kcal
    This YOLO feature is a new pirate conversation, currently being written in collaboration with musician Loto Retina.
07 Oct - 10 Oct 2021
Arsenic - Centre d'art scénique contemporain, Lausanne
01 Dec 2021
Festival NEXT - Budakunstencentrum, Courtrai
04 Dec 2021
Veem house for performance, Amsterdam
22 Apr - 23 Apr 2022
Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil
01 Jul 2021
Centrales Fies, Dro
31 Jan 2021
Parallèle 11, Friche la Belle de Mai (Réservé aux professionnel·le·s)


Arthur Chambry, Anne Lise Le Gac — OKAY CONFIANCE

(pdf - 2.25 MB)

Conception, performance 
Anne Lise Le Gac et Arthur Chambry 
Collaboration, performance 
Katerina Andreou et un imitateur de chants d'oiseaux
Création lumière, régie 
Nils Doucet


Pôle Arts de la Scène - Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille (FR) ; Veem House for Performance, Amsterdam (NL), Arsenic - Centre d’art scénique contemporain, Lausanne (CH), Tanzquartier Wien (AT), Be My Guest - Réseau international pour la jeune création, Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Genève (CH), Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Bruxelles (FR), 3 bis f - lieu d'arts contemporains, Aix-en-Provence (FR), Buda Kunstencentrum, Courtrai (BE), Centrale Fies_art work space / Live Works (IT)

Accueils en résidence 
La Villette (Établissement public du parc et de la grande halle de la Villette), Paris (FR), Montévidéo centre d’art, Marseille (FR), Centrale Fies_Art Work Space (IT), Friche La Belle de Mai, Marseille (FR), La Balsamine, Bruxelles (BE), 3 bis f - lieu d'arts contemporains, Aix-en-Provence (FR), Buda Kunstencentrum, Courtrai (BE)
Projet soutenu par Triangle France - Astérides 

Production et diffusion
Parallèle - Plateforme pour la jeune création internationale, Marseille (FR)


performance en création
There is no date in the future for this show.
22 Jun 2020
CND - Camping — Paris (FR) — Reporté
18 Jun 2020
Budakunstencentrum —Courtai (BE) — Annulé
11 Mar - 12 Mar 2020
Tanzquartier — Vienne (AT)
06 Mar - 08 Mar 2020
Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain — Lausanne (CH)
28 Jan 2020 — 20H30
Friche la Belle de Mai, Grand plateau — Marseille (FR)
19 Nov - 20 Nov 2019
Veem House for Performance — Amsterdam (NL)
14 Nov - 16 Nov 2019
Théâtre Saint-Gervais — Genève (CH)
12 Sep - 13 Sep 2019
Short Theatre
24 Jul 2019
Centrale Fies art work space
16 May - 19 May 2019
Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Bruxelles
"What’s this painting ? It’s not a painting, it is a map. And you will find your way inside.
A memory palace takes place, and we often meet there. Among other things, we grow
oblivion. This palace does not have any address, it is closer to campfire than pyramid. It can
light up more or less everywhere. We made it a purée, a yoghurt-song, a fountain, a boogie, a
false memory, a blackbird, a speaking map. You can touch the surface where our rides
intertwine. In our hands, the matter is soft. On a terrain with hazily edges, we begin a trip
without resolution."


La Caresse du Coma ft. ANGE 92Kcal


There is no date in the future for this show.
24 Aug 2019
SAAL Biennaal — Tallinn
02 Nov 2018
Bâtard Festival — Bruxelles
02 Feb 2018 — 22H15
Montévidéo centre d'art

Length 1h

Performance et interprétation Anne Lise Le Gac | Création lumière Nils Doucet | Production - Diffusion Parallèle - Plateforme pour la jeune création internationale 


She is staying at a four star hotel-spa in a godforsaken part of Croatia among a group of people seeking Happiness.
Within this group, they all have a status: as she is new, she is automatically a DOG, with number 23, she is the 23rd dog.
They don’t know one another and share advice, beliefs and customs.
However they are quite convinced they live in an EXTREMELY LIVELY world, life ad infinitum.
Anne Lise le Gac invites us again for a conversation. She takes us to subterranean worlds, marginal customs, pirate love and crossbred species.


* “featurings are not really works in progress
but rather the chapters of a novel

or like ALIEN 1 / ALIEN 2 / ALIEN 3
or like the episodes of a TV show

And for now I present each of them separately, because each featuring lasts from 50 minutes to an hour.
You see?

In the chronological order they were written, there are

1) La Caresse du Coma ft. COACH
2) La Caresse du Coma ft. PIRATE
3) La Caresse du Coma ft. ANGE 92Kcal 


Production La Station — Nice | Accueils en résidence Montévidéo, créations contemporaines - Atelier de fabrique artistique, La Station — Nice, L’Entre-Pont — Nice | Production et diffusion  Parallèle - Plateforme pour la jeune création internationale 



Grand mal


Choregraphy and interpretation Anne Lise Le Gac and Elie Ortis

There is no date in the future for this show.
27 Jan 2018
Tanzquartier — Vienne
26 Jan 2017 — 19H
Théâtre des Bernardines — Marseille

It starts with a collection of non-professional dance videos found on the internet. They are called Danses glocales. The collection has become a Conversation between Elie Ortis and Anne Lise le Gac. Most of the time, it happens "on line", because Elie lives in Paris and Anne Lise in Marseille. This conversation is called Grand mal and is endless. Material is gathered with joy / shamelessly and the conversation is set to be shared with an audience, from time to time.

You are with two solitudes. The Essays by Montaigne came into play and the music by Gigi d’Agostino became obvious. Grand mal is a conversation, a toolbox, a wall, an attitude. 

In corealisation with Théâtre Gymnase-Bernardines


Full price : 12 €
Reduced price : 8 €
Evening pass : full price 20 € / reduced price 12 €

Production SMart | Coproductions LIFE LONG BURNING – Vienne | Help for artistic residence Chalet Society–Paris/FAR° Festival–Nyon (Suisse)/ CND – Centre national de la danse – Paris/Mains d’Oeuvres–Saint-Ouen/Compagnie LA ZOUZE–Marseille/Compagnie Ultima Vez Wim Vandekeybus–Bruxelles | Thanks to Bertrand et Arnaud Dezoteux, Simon Jourdan, Milena Keller et Chloé Demetriades, Cabaret Hors Champ, Pauline Le Boulba, TJCC, Elise Simonet, Volmir Cordeiro, Elise Carron, NyamNyam (Ariadna Rodriguez & Iñaki Alvarez), Ysaline Rochat et Patrick De Rahm 


There is no date in the future for this show.
14 Dec 2019 — 18H
Friche la Belle de Mai