Radio That Matters - Européen project

Radio That Matter, a new project led by AREA06 - Short Theater in Rome, proposes to create a research and experimentation space for European structures and festivals in the field of sound creation linked to live performance. It is about producing with artists, radio stations and associations working in particular with visually impaired people, innovative artistic forms which allow the experience of the festival time and content for all.


Radio That Matters partners


Parallèle (FR)

AREA 06 - Short Theatre  (IT) 

Errant Sound e.V.  (DE)

Acesso cultura associacao cultural (PT) 

Q-Teatteri Ry (FL) 

Pav snc di claudia di giacomo e roberta (IT) 

Radio Papesse APS (IT) 

Centro Regionale S.Alessio Margherita di Savoia per i ciech (IT)


Radio Papesse – Associate Partner of Radio That Matters – and LUCIA support the creation of authors, new voices and innovative productions that play with and around the limits and rules of radio production and podcasting.


YASS! You are so sound


is a training and exchange program for producers, audio creators, sound artists and cultural workers interested in audio storytelling. Each masterclass will provide you with tools and behind-the-scenes insights to see how others work and learn from best practices. Thanks to the collaboration and support of AREA06 / Short Theater and Radio That Matters, this edition opens up to the exploration of the relationships between performing arts, sound agency, acoustic research, radiophony and disability.


The 2023 edition of YASS! with :

Lucia Scazzocchio, Kristina Loring, Lucif Dalin, Astrid Hald & Rikke Houd Raymond Antrobus.


November 2, 6 p.m. | A Field Guide to Social Dissemination | Lucie Scazzocchio


November 9, 6 p.m. | How to make audio popable? | Kristina Loring


November 16, 6 p.m. | Nothing about us without us | Lucif Dalin, Astrid Hald and Rikke Houd


November 21, 5 p.m. | Word. Speak. Writing. Sign. Conceived. | Raymond Autrobus 


YASS! 2023 is part of the sound training program on acoustic-performance formats and research offered by Radio That Matters and dedicated to project partners and other cultural operators. YASS! 2023 is possible thanks to the collaboration with Radio That Matters – an initiative funded by the European Union – and the support of the Comune di Firenze and the Fondazione CR Firenze.