Adrien Béal

Le Pas de Bême

Adrien Béal

Staging Adrien Béal 

Collaboration Fanny Descazeaux with Olivier Constant, Charlotte Corman et Etienne Parc 

Inspired by L’Objecteur by Michel Vinaver, the figure of Bême is in keeping with Bartleby, copyist who challenges the established order with a single sentence: "I'd rather not". Feeling loved and integrated, Bême as a teenager is a good pupil who, suddenly, hands in a blank page for his exams. Without further explanations. Three actors are in charge of this story of objection. At the centre of the audience, they make us hear the mayhem caused by this gesture, devoid of conscience. In turn parents, friends and teachers take a stance in front of this grain of sand as the disruptive factor, in front of what they consider an inability to do or an ability not to do. Skilfully, the play questions the conditioning of a society and the possibility to think differently. A topic which, just like the blank page, causes dizziness.

Production Compagnie Théâtre Déplié
Creation May 2014 au Théâtre de Vanves - scène conventionnée pour la danse et en juin 2014 à la Loge - Paris 11ème
Thanks to Collectif 360 ; Lilas en scène ; l’Echangeur de Bagnolet ; La Colline - Théâtre National ; l’Atelier du Plateau
Supporting by Arcadi Île-de-France, dans le cadre des Plateaux solidaires