Nina Gazaniol Vérité

Based in Marseille, Nina Gazaniol Vérité holds degrees in Performing Arts and Journalism, studies the hijacking of television through performance art in her dissertation "Don't hate the Media, Be the media", interns at ARTE and approaches experimental cinema, all the while getting involved in multiple transdisciplinary projects. In 2013, she joined the Formation supérieure pour la création en espace public (FAI AR / Marseille), where she developed her interest in architecture, territories, notions of space and inhabitants. Since 2015, she has been imagining various projects while cultivating a valuable relationship with research and writing. She regularly collaborates with different groups and artists while pursuing her own work, at the crossroads of video and spatial arts, performance and documentary, questioning a plastic writing rooted in reality. And vice versa.

Nina Gazaniol Vérité

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16 Nov - 19 Nov 2023
Théâtre Le Sillon, Clermont-l'Hérault
13 Apr - 23 Apr 2023
Lieux Publics, Cité des arts de la rue, Marseille
28 Jan - 04 Feb 2023
Festival Parallèle 13, Coco Velten, Marseille

This project focuses on a particular town and rural area, the former mining basin of Decazeville, in the Aveyron region of southwestern France. On the territory of Decazeville is a mountain called “lou puech que ard”: the mountain that burns. This small mountain, known to some as the “Vesuvius of Aveyron”, bears the image of a territory that is being consumed, but also the strength it continues to deploy, against all odds, in order to live.

With this project, Nina Gazaniol Vérité intends to pursue her research into space-related writing and the connivance between sociological reflection and visual creation. By focusing on the declining countryside, she continues to question, in her own way, notions of norms and strangeness, the visible and the invisible, territories and landscapes.

Constructed like a TV series, the project takes the form of a video installation, at the crossroads of documentary and the visual arts. Viewers/visitors are invited to move around a space that, for a given time, represents the Decazeville area. Between reality and fiction, between zoom interviews and roller field hockey games, between remote-controlled cars and discussions on the apocalypse, between folk dances and empty oyster shells. 


Nina Gazaniol Vérité

Concept, writing, video
Nina Gazaniol Vérité
Marion Vincent
Set design, construction, technical
Mahatsanga Le Dantec 
Set design, construction
Léone Duchemin
Team under construction
Creation in progress 
Women who undergo cosmetic surgery are my subject. Who are they? What are their lives like? What do the operations they undergo actually look like? How do they live after these operations? Why do they resort to cosmetic surgery? Is cosmetic surgery a form of submission? Is it a form of freedom? Are they "false women" or "real women"?
Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly commonplace. This makes me want to take an interest. Cosmetic surgery can be divided into two categories: surgery to "look better" and surgery to "feel better". I'm interested in the first category, that of "looking better", which is perhaps morally and politically less acceptable and less justifiable. Some studies claim that women's choice of cosmetic surgery is often linked to questions of seduction, love and sometimes even pleasure (including the pleasure of others). Perhaps it's also a story of lies and violence, blood and beauty, power and self-assertion.
Nina Gazaniol Vérité