Katerina Andreou

A Kind of Fierce

Choregraphy and interpretation Katerina Andreou | Lights Yannick Fouassier | Artistic advicer Myrto Katsiki | Sound control Eric Yvelin | Soundtracks Chevreuil « Breakdance », album Capoeira, 2006, The Beatles « Because », album Abbey Road, 1969

— Marseille
There is no date in the future for this show.
24 Jan 2017 — 19H
Théâtre du Gymnase — Marseille

Katerina Andreou plays with the constant level of negotiation between autonomy and authority. As a result, she tracks the mechanisms of decision-making: is "free will" just an illusion? Continuously gaining momentum, Katerina Andreou invents a body on alert, in a solo that unfolds like a playground, where rules are created to be manipulated, in response to a "free" dance. An autonomous body in the middle of action, which develops its own sense of space and time, embracing the present with no nostalgia or idealisation. During forty minutes, Katerina takes us on a journey with "her rules, he manipulations, her acting, her fight", and activates the tension thanks to our gaze.


In corealisation with Théâtre Gymnase-Bernardines 
Supports ONDA
Full price: 15 €
Reduced price: 10 €
Evening pass : full price 25 €/reduced price 15 €


Production Mi-Mai | Coproductions CDC Ateliers de Paris Carolyn Carlson–Paris, Athens & Epidaurus Festival–Athènes, DansFabrik Festival–Le Quartz, scène nationale–Brest, dans le cadre Focus Athènes, organisé par Lenio Kaklea et Lou Forster | Supports CND–Centre national de la danse, dans le cadre d’une résidence augmentée, Honolulu-Loïc Touzé/ ORO–Nantes en partenariat avec La Métive–Moutier d’Ahun, Le Pad–Angers, Espace Pasolini–Valenciennes, Le Volapuk–Tours | Thanks to Lynda Rahal, Anne Lise Le Gac, Jacob Garet, Giorgos Apostolakos, Miltos Exakoustidis, Lenio Kaklea, La Tierce