Michele Rizzo


Choregraphy Michele Rizzo | Soundtrack Lorenzo Senni | Interpretation Juan Pablo Camara, Max Goran et Michele Rizzo | Lighting design Michele Rizzo 

— Marseille
There is no date in the future for this show.
28 Jan 2017 — 21H30
Le Merlan scène nationale de Marseille — Marseille

Michele Rizzo adapts the bewitching atmosphere of nightclubs on a stage so as to explore the cathartic power of dance. They are three and appear in unison with the techno beat in a sort of transcendent ritual. Through a liberated and liberating movement of self-expression, the choreographer reinvests the world of clubs as a space for political claims in which it would be possible to reconnect with others. The silhouettes, first by themselves, become a living whole, and the dance a sort of "prayer and celebration of existence (...), a practice which compensates the fact that, although we can never be someone else, we can try."


In corealisation Le Merlan scène nationale de Marseille
Supports ONDA, Ambassade du Royaume des Pays-Bas and Institut Culturel Italien de Marseille
In complicity with L'Officina/Festival Dansem
In collaboration with Ventilo
Full price : 15 € 
Reduced price : 10 €
Evening pass : full price 25 €/reduced price15 €