Daniel Blanga-GubbayAna Pi

An indomitable vitality (about the vibration of margins)

A meeting thought by Daniel Blanga-Gubbay (founder of Aleppo – aleppo.eu) in dialogue with Lou Colombani and lead by Daniel Blanga-Gubbay. 

— Marseille
There is no date in the future for this show.
28 Jan 2017 — 14H
Mucem — Marseille


We often associate the margin to a periphery, a place in which the central movement would come weakened, like transported by the last waves of a stone thrown in the water. What if, on the contrary, margins produced their own vibration ? From Pasolini to the outcome of new urban dances via internet, this afternoon questions the notion of “margin” through different formats, with artists of the programmation, invited theo- rists, pedagogical supervisors of the master exerce ICI — CCN Montpellier, video projections and a performance by Ana Pi.


Périphérie & Périphériques-live performance intervention by Ana Pi from Brazil. 


In corealisation with Mucem
In collaboration with Aleppo, Bruxelles - aleppo.eu
In complicity with L'Officina/Festival Dansem dans la continuité de la rencontre "Déplacement" (cycle Objets Déplacés, 27 nov. 2015)