Tiphaine Raffier

Dans le nom

With Joseph Drouet, Lou Valentini, François Godart, Caroline Mounier, Victoria Quesnel, David Scattolin | Video Pierre Martin | Video control Fanny Derrier | Lighting design Mathilde Chamoux | Sound control John Kaced | Stage management and lighting control Arnaud Seghiri | Administrator Sabrina Fuchs | With Tiphaine Raffier for sign language

— Marseille
There is no date in the future for this show.
25 Jan 2017 — 19H
La Criée, Théâtre National de Marseille — Marseille

Inspired by the films by Bruno Dumont and the work of ethnologist Jeanne Favret-Saada, Dans le nom is a foray into the contemporary rural world, both technological and archaic. Davy is a livestock farmer who keeps being confronted with problems. But why? Some think it is a curse… It is not so much the solution to the plot than the power of words that fascinates Tiphaine Raffier here. Akin to social painting, sci-fi crime fiction as well as a philosophical tale, her play tries above all to capture the invisible, to spot what is unsaid in what is said. Catching a glimpse of these places where words can become a prophetic illusion, an occult science which binds and impacts destinies.


In collaboration with La Criée, Théâtre National de Marseille


Full price : 25 €
Reduced price : 12 €

Production Théâtre du Nord – CDN – Lille Tourcoing | Coproductions La rose des vents, scène nationale–Lille Métropole, Villeneuve d’Ascq dans le cadre du festival Prémices #3, Le Phénix, scène nationale – Valenciennes | Supports Théâtre du Prato et de la maison Folie Moulin, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication–DRAC Nord-Pas de Calais–Picardie, Comedie de Béthune–Centre Dramatique National