Le détachement international du Muerto Coco

Ici la Canebière

Concept Maxime Potard et Raphaëlle Bouvier et les participants à la balade-atelier 

sound poetry
— Marseille
There is no date in the future for this show.
29 Jan 2017 — 16H30
Faculté de droit et de science politique — Marseille

Is contemporary poetry only for experts? In their van, Raphaëlle Bouvier and Maxime Potard challenge clichés. They informally read the best contemporary poems. In a rhythmical, chanted or whispered way, the words nd a natural extension in the soundscape developed by each text. 

We walk down la Canebière, we listen, we write « Ici » (Here) and we extend the sentence, we record sounds, words and conversations with a hot drink, and together with all that, Muerto Coco created a sound postcard of about 10 minutes, that can be sent in mp3 to your grandmother, or your pen friend, someone who doesn't know la Canebière well...

In partnership with Dimanches de la Canebière organized by Mairie des 1er et 7e arr.



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