Volmir Cordeiro


Choregraphy and interpretation Volmir Cordeiro | Percussion Washington Timbó | Sound design Cristián Sotomayor | Lights Abigail Fowler | Lighting control Ludovic Rivière | Costume Vinca Alsonso, Volmir Cordeiro | Production Margot Videcoq 


— Marseille
There is no date in the future for this show.
25 Jan 2017 — 21H30
Montévidéo, Créations Contemporaines — Marseille

Volmir Cordeiro embodies several bodies and faces that can walk down a street. Wandering or panicking, smoothly or hectically, the young Brazilian choreographer and performer feels as well as he passes on these figures, including the marginal ones. Just like a choreographic answer to the poems about war by Bertolt Brecht, RUE unfolds a dance of thoughts and bodies. Volmir Cordeiro gives his "body to poetry, so as to offer it a stage". He conjures up marginal figures, honours and exposes them, densifies space through a thousand ghosts that inhabit it. Musician Washington Timbó makes the framework vibrate and transcends the dance, increased by the scansions of the drum.

Volmir Cordeiro will be hosted by Montévidéo, as part of Parallèle —7 with the third part of his triptych, after showing his first solo, Ciel, in January 2014 as part of Parallèle —4, then Inès in September 2014 as part of festival Actoral. 


In corealisation with Montévidéo, Créations Contemporaines
Supports Onda


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Production Margelles | Coproduction Ménagerie de Verre–Paris | Supports Musée du Louvre–Paris, Laboratoire d’Aubervilliers, CND–Centre national de la danse–Paris, ICI–CCN–Montpellier | Thanks to Marcella Lista, Marcela Santander Corvalán