Maxime Kurvers

pièces courtes 1-9

Concep and staging Maxime Kurvers | With Julien Geffroy, Claire Rappin, Charles Zévaco et Axel Poulain (musicien invité) | Lighting design Manon Lauriol | Sound design Thomas Laigle  

— Marseille
There is no date in the future for this show.
27 Jan 2017 — 21H45
Théâtre des Bernardines — Marseille

At the heart of pièces courtes 1-9, there is the intimate desire to create "theatrical structures powerful enough for theatre to take place, loose enough for life to resist". Conceiving nine self-contained pieces, from 3 to 25 minutes, Maxime Kurvers articulates each of them around a simple statement: "self-teaching love", "learning how to fight", etc. It is up to the actors to make the most of the possible inventions opened by these actions and states. Between playful conceptual experience and energetic physical involvement, how can actors be fuelled by everything? In order to renew the vision of their discipline as well as experience – together with the viewers – the vibrations of "a deformation of their existence".

In corealisation with Théâtre Gymnase-Bernardines

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Thanks to Christine Lecoin and the Lycée Thiers
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Reduced price: 8 €
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