Mithkal Alzghair


Choregraphy Mithkal Alzghair | Interpretation Rami Farah, Shamil Taskin, Mithkal Alzghair | Artistic advicer Thibaut Kaiser | Lighting design Séverine Rième | Lighting control Julie Valette

— Marseille
There is no date in the future for this show.
29 Jan 2017 — 18H
Théâtre des Bernardines — Marseille

Based in France, choreographer and dancer Mithkal Alzghair questions with powerful dancing, a combination of tradition and modernity, the torn identity of Syrian bodies in the light of the political, social and religious conditions that they are going through. Between anchoring and uprooting, he is interested in the notion of "displacement": forced or voluntary, in case of emergency or through coercion, due to the need to leave or worried about not being able to go back.

"The play is not a document about war in Syria. It is a fluctuation of strengths, through contagion, impregnation, overflow. It is never fixed, while touching upon crucial questions such as the meaning of life, of being human. And what dancing means." 

* quoted from the article by Gérard Mayen « Ce que danser peut faire » published in the magazine Mouvement Sept./Oct. 2016 


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Coproductions Godsbanen–Aarhus (Danemark)/ Musée de la Danse-CCN–Rennes, fondation AFAC, Les Treize Arches-Scène conventionnée–Brive | Supports CND–Centre national de la danse–Paris, dans le cadre des résidences augmentées, Studio Le Regard du Cygne–Paris, Théâtre Louis Aragon, scène conventionnée danse–Tremblay-en-France

Cette œuvre a reçu le Premier Prix au concours Danse élargie 2016 organisé par le Théâtre de la Ville-Paris et le Musée de la danse-Rennes, en partenariat avec la Fondation d’entreprise Hermès